Review of BEYONCE ’4′


I’m a huge fan of Beyonce & her New album ’4′ which was released today, Tuesday June 28, 2011. First let me say before I even start, give this album a chance.

I listened to the album a few times and at first I was taken back a bit as I felt her music had took a dramatic turn! Her music on this album is very expressive, especially about personal love & relationships so I thought…”Hmmmm, Maybe she’s going through it with Jay Z”!  Then I listened a bit more carefully and I felt that she was showing a more mature powerful approach to her music. I feel like this is about her personal journey and her fans, not about sale numbers or competing with Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

I also saw the Target commercial that shows her taking a personal journey to discover herself and be a part of the audience, not the celebrity singer. This helps her connect with real people while also showing her fearlessness to deter from the safe path giving the album room to breathe. I couldn’t see it at first but, now I see it in a whole new light. Beyonce has 12 songs on this album of which I have 5 personal favorites…

#2 I Care (Makes me feel no matter what situation I’m in that I should care about loved ones)

#3 I Miss You (This song will have you thinkin about your significant other in a deep deep way)

#4 Best Thing I Never Had (Says to me that I should be thankful for the negative people I don’t have in my life)

#10 End Of Time (Simply put…I love you like crazy & never want to let you go!)

#12 Run the World (Girls) (Very empowering and definitely my personal favorite!!)

Her lyrics are very intense & she sings to you about being in love & not being able to live without love. If you have gone through pain or you’re so in love that you can’t let go, then you can appreciate this album. You have to be able to relate to the music to truly get a feel for where Beyonce is going! She recorded over 70 songs and chose the 12 featured, I gotta say that I really like her choices. Her songs are so sexy, soulful & full of swag. I believe in taking risks and that is just what Beyonce has done on this album. Even if critics bash ‘4’ I believe it’s a summer hit and she should be absolutely proud of her work because she put her entire heart into it. Plus, at the end of the day, nobody’s opinion matters and that’s what makes her a true artist. I hope she takes comfort in knowing she gave her fans her personal best!

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