Some Plus Size Clothing Companies DON’T use Plus Size Models?


This topic has been brought up a few times but I never really paid attention till about a week ago when I was shopping online and saw it for myself. Actually, I found this on several plus size websites which will remain nameless but I will say I was kind of offended! Why would a company use skinny models to sell full figured clothing??  I want to lay it all out before I rush to judgment so here goes…

Budget constraints?…I doubt it, I know hundreds of plus models that would jump at the opportunity including myself.   Most models are willing to work for little or no pay just for the simple fact that they love what they do!

Availability?Not likely! The modeling market is highly over saturated right now and there are thousands of models in every part of the world ready & willing to work given the chance.

Not enough time?…Please!  If these companies want to make the argument that they didn’t have enough time to find suitable plus size models than that is just BS!  If you have time to find skinny models then you have time to find full figured models.  Also, if your rushing just to get your product out there than that is just bad business and sloppy…your company caters to a very specific audience so this should be an absolute priority.

Consumers don’t want to see Plus Size Models?…Absolutely False!  Since 2007 I have seen the full figured industry boom and size acceptance is better now than ever before.   People want to see REAL PEOPLE!  We are just as beautiful and sexy as anyone else.

They say “Our clothes are for women of ALL sizes?”…Well if that’s the case then I would suggest finding  models that represent the average women…which is a size 14 not a size 0.

I think I’ve covered every conceivable argument and did not find a good answer.  Still I do appreciate the companies that do use full figured models and truly understand the plus size consumer.  I would love your feedback and comments on this…maybe I’m wrong but for now the Score is:

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