Top 50 Quotes of 2011 by Michyl Collins


I wanted to share some very special quotes that help me in this journey called life. Please take a chance to read or even share with someone you care about.

  1. I’m Not FAT; I’m Just So SEXY It Overflows ;)
  2. CONFIDENCE…Wear it with STYLE!
  3. Learn To Appreciate What You HAVE Before Time Makes You Appreciate What You HAD.
  4. Use Your SMILE To Change The World. Don’t Let the World Change Your SMILE.
  5. The BEST Curve You Have Is Your SMILE.
  6. Don’t Worry About Your Weight. You’re BEAUTIFUL No Matter What the Scale Says ♥
  7. HATE Is A Strong Word But So Is LOVE! So Just Don’t Throw Around Either without Meaning It.
  8. Every day is a NEW beginning…Treat It That Way.
  9. Stay Away From What Might Have Been and LOOK At What Can Be.
  10. LIFE Has No Remote….GET UP And CHANGE It Yourself.
  11. Anyone Can Make You Happy By Doing Something Special…But Only Someone SPECIAL Can Make You HAPPY Without Doing Anything!
  12. I’m stuck in a Body That I LOVE & I Don’t Ever Want To Get Out.
  13. If You Do Good People Will Accuse You of Selfish Ulterior Motives-Do GOOD Anyway, If you’re Successful, You Will Win False Friends and True Enemies…SUCCEED Anyways! No Matter What Just Do It…..I DO.
  14. A REAL Man Doesn’t Need To Love A Million Different Women…A REAL Man Needs to LOVE One Woman in A Million Ways.
  15. Last Year I Asked Santa & Wished For the SEXIEST Person Ever For Christmas….I Woke Up In A Beautiful Wrapped Box…LOL….So Today I Will Be A Little More Specific with My Wish.
  16. A Relationship without TRUST Is Like a Phone without Service, All You Can Do Is Play GAMES!
  17. I Blame Movies for My HIGH Expectations of Relationships.
  18. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again?
  19. SWAG…..She Wants A Gentleman
  20. They Say You Are What You Eat…Well I Don’t Remember Eating A “SEXY Beast” This Morning…lol.
  21. SLEEP Is My Drug, My BED Is My Dealer and My ALARM Clock Is the Police…But Somehow I’m Addicted to White Mochas…lol!
  22. Don’t Point out Other People’s Flaws because you’re NOT Perfect; You Have To Look IN the Mirror Before You Can Look OUT The Window.
  23. STOP Saying “I Wish” And Start Saying “I WILL”!
  24. It’s A Beautiful Day So Be Thankful For It, Appreciate It & Enjoy It No Matter What Comes Your Way.
  25. REMEMBER You Are Born To LIVE. Don’t Live Because You Are Born. Don’t Go The Way Life Takes You…Take LIFE the Way You Go.
  26. If you want To Know Where Your Heart is….LOOK Where Your Mind Wanders.
  27. Thinking Of “LOVE”…To LOVE Is To Receive A Glimpse Of Heaven!
  28. I Cheated on My FEARS, Broke up With My DOUBTS, Got engaged to My FAITH, and NOW I’m Marrying My DREAMS.
  29. When you’re STRESSED You Eat Ice-Cream, Cake, Chocolate and All Kinds of Sweets. WHY? Because STRESSED Spelled Backwards Is DESSERTS.
  30. Your PAST Does Not Equal Your FUTURE! What Matters Is Not Yesterday But What You Do Right NOW!
  31. So Many People Are Trying To Drive Into the Future Using a Rear View Mirror to Guide Themselves…If You Do That You’ll CRASH!
  32. If You Can’t See The BRIGHT Side, Polish The Dull One.
  33. HATERS Are Like Crickets.
  34. Crickets Make A Lot Of NOISE.
  35. You Hear Them, You Can’t See Them,
  36. As You Walk Right Past Them, Their QUIET!
  37. If Mother Nature Didn’t Like CURVES…She Would Have Made the World Flat.
  38. The Ones Who Are Judging You Are The Same Ones Who Are Admiring You!
  39. NEVER Sacrifice Who You Are, Just Because Someone Has a Problem with It.
  41. An Arrow Can Be Shot Only By Pulling It Backwards. So When Life Is Dragging You Back With Difficulties, It Means It’s Going To Launch You Into Something GREAT!
  42. Your Only COMPETITION Is In Your Mirror.
  43. I will NEVER try to FIT In; I was Born to STAND Out!
  44. Be…YOU…tiful
  45. LIVE Without Pretending. LOVE without Depending. LISTEN Without Defending. SPEAK Without Offending.
  46. I Have The Simplest Tastes. I’m Always Satisfied with the BEST
  47. Calling Someone Fat Won’t Make You Any Skinner. Calling Someone Stupid Won’t Make You Any Smarter. It Just Shows How Insecure & Insignificant You Are.
  48. Life Is Like A Dance, You Learn As You Go. Sometimes You Lead & Sometimes You Follow; Never Worry About What You Don’t Know Because You Can Either Learn Or Make Up The Steps As You Go!
  49. FASHION Goes Out Of Style But STYLE Never Goes Out Of Fashion!
  50. ATTITIUDE Is Like Posing In A Picture. We Pose The Way We Want to Be Seen By Others. But Candid Shots Are Better, Because They Capture The Real Us!!! LOVE Your Curves.
  51. To All Those Girls Who Die For A “ZERO” Figure…Remember REAL Men Only Go For CURVES…Only Dogs Go For Bones!
  52. Every LIFE is a Story so Make Yours a Best Seller.

Michyl Collins enjoys blogging on topics close to the curvy lifestyle and has expanded her career by appearing on national TV, choreographing events, modeling in over 50 runway shows, magazine features and currently acts as COO for