DIY Glamorsized Ombre Nail Craze


Being in a recession it seems that everyone wants the latest nail designs without the expensive nail price. My fans agree that with a little patience and time they can achieve these FABULOUS nail looks. I did a poll on two kinds of popular nail designs. ROCKSTAR glitter and the trendy Ombre look is super popular right now. I found out that it’s a bit tricky with the ROCKSTAR glitter but with some help from a friend it can be totally achieved. You can mix and match as many different kinds of glitter and brush it on or go with one color. Whatever color you choose your nails with pop 3D style. The more colors and more BLING makes the outlandish statement on your hands. People will stop to look at your nails because they see the sparkle from far away. Trust me it’s happened to me many times and they grab my hands and I don’t even know them…WOW you got to love it.

The trendy Ombre nail look is easier to achieve and here’s a quick video to show you how to achieve this fabulous look in about 30 minutes. Nail polish, sponges and a dry coat is all you need. My nails looked so classy yet trendy and stylish. I love the fact that you can mix the colors and change up at least once a week. If you’re a die hard switch up your nails every other day if you have the time. That’s how easy it is. It cost over $100 for a manicure and pedicure with either of these styles. If you DIY you save a fortune because if you get your nails done as often as I do you will definitely see the big savings. DIY nails is a FUN, FUN, FUN project that you can do with your friends. I’ve been to nail spa parties where they teach you how to DIY and I was absolutely amazed.

So if you want the trendiest look and got the time and want to SAVE big then go out and DIY. Let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to share your beauty tips with other beauties.

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