Say It With Me Ladies “High Heel Condoms Work”


It’s my duty to bring you the latest trends in full figured fashion and I have a design that will warm every women’s heart who has ever worn heels. Now you can protect them and keep them looking fresh out the box!

I LOVE these high heel condoms…not necessarily the name but the idea is fantastic.

These condom  like covers let you play dress up with your shoes and them unscathed and beautiful . Heel condoms have many styles and perks so that you can mix and match your shoes with different outfits or they make your shoes a conversation starter. They also work great for travel and easy to slip-on. Another great thing that they are reusable and durable. A look that is FUN, FIERCE & FABULOUS!

The cost is super reasonable anywhere from $25-$51.00…WOW!  Simply slip them up your heels and either place the elastic band under your foot to keep in place or tie the two straps around your ankle.

*When placing condom on heel please be careful, used shoe caps can break the condom*

Spikes or buttons or gold ribbons and lace and many more looks for all your high heel shoes needs.

Which GLAMORSIZED High Heel Condom will you choose?

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  • Camay McClure

    I LOVE THESE!!! Where can we get them???

  • Glamorsized

    Thanks Camay!! :) I will add the link to this blog shortly. These covers work so well… ♥ em!

  • Camay McClure

    Thank you!!! I will be sure and post my pictures of them and tag you!!!