Nika Leverett Marches To The Beat of Her Own Drum with Success


My name is Nika Leverett and I’m a full figured model from beautiful Jacksonville, Fl. I love, love, love every one of my curves but it didn’t come easy and was not always the case. While I was in high school I was always “Pretty for a big girl”. I always knew my self worth was determined by my confidence, not my size but try explaining that when your young. I always marched to the beat of my own drum but eventually people began to respect it because I learned to respect myself. I just know how to be me and I’m a proud Glamorsized woman! I feel like all women have that ‘GLAM Spark’ in them, it’s just your own personal way of representing it that let’s you stand out. Those four little letters make me feel beautiful and confident about myself. Nika-L-Plus-Size-Model-from-Florida

My love for fashion, modeling, and helping women from ‘plus size’ to size ’0′ feels so great! I truly beleive that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, no matter what size they are.

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