Ana Garcia Knows Confidence is the Key to Her Success


Confidence makes me feel like a Glamorsized woman. In my opinion confidence is the key to success; if you are comfortable with yourself people around you will notice. I know that we all have some days that we feel far from glamorous but that’s life you just have to turn that page and move on. Another necessary ingredient for feeling glamorsized is the superficial aspect like makeup, hair and personal style. Identify your personal style try new things that fit you according to your personality. Remember fashion is always changing but glamour never gets old.


The best advice for new models is do research. I do research about the industry all the time because there is something new each day like a new store, designer, magazine etc..and we have to know about it. I still consider myself as a newbie the road ahead of me is long but if you love and have the passion for it you will keep on going.


Special Credit to Vanessa Velez Photography • Raiza Gonzalez Montes- MUA

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