Highlights, Curves and Modeling…Oh My!


I DID IT!!! That’s right my glam fans, I finally decided to take the plunge and do one of the most drastic beauty steps a woman can…I dyed my hair!

Of course millions of women do this everyday and I’m probably hyping this up more than I should but its a major move for me and to tell the world is not something we normally do…lol! Anyways it took a team of 3 amazing hair stylists, an incredible salon and 5 hours of trimming, snipping, washing, drying and of course dying.



I must admit that I was a little scared at this point because you just don’t know how your hair is going to turn out. No worries though because everyone that was doing my hair had world-class highlights themselves.



Here’s the end result and I’m 100% ecstatic about how great it turned out and ready to start my Summer off right. Please let me know how you think it turned out?

Michyl Collins enjoys blogging on topics close to the curvy lifestyle and has expanded her career by appearing on national TV, choreographing events, modeling in over 50 runway shows, magazine features and currently acts as COO for Plusforus.com.