Kathy Jefferson – Glamorsized is a Lifestyle For Me


Being Glamorsized is definitely a lifestyle for me, whether I’m going to the grocery store, on the runway or the big screen. But, their are different levels of being ‘glam’ so I dress accordingly depending on the occasion or event. You don’t  have to be dressed  to the nines to be glam’d out, I’m a curvy woman that’s very confident in her wardrobe even if I tone it down sometimes. My confidence resides within my house and I am the only person that has the key to open the door. As a Model and Actress I feel it’s on me to show the world that being a full-figured entertainer is not a setback but a something unique and special. I’m an individual who is different but has just as much confidence as the next person.


“I love what you do and that you showcase different models of all walks and that was one thing that really impressed me about you.  We are all different and that diversity needs to be showcased and you hit that mark for me.” – Kathy Jefferson on Glamorsized

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Michyl Collins enjoys blogging on topics close to the curvy lifestyle and has expanded her career by appearing on national TV, choreographing events, modeling in over 50 runway shows, magazine features and currently acts as COO for Plusforus.com.