‘The Purge’ Was an Appetizer, Not a Meal


Over the past weekend I went and saw ‘The Purge’ starring Ethan Hawke that’set in n the year 2022 where crime is legal for one day only. Your dying to know, was the movie”Glam” or “Scram” and I would rate this a 100% “SCRAM!!” If you don’t mind spoilers or a female perspective then keep reading below.


The concept for this movie is intriguing and the trailer was enough to get me in the seat but about 20 mins in I knew this Summer flick had no pulse. It’s set in the near future where the “New Founding Fathers” have made it legal to commit just about any crime imaginable for a 12 hour period. I will say this up-front, Ethan Hawke is fantastic as always, the movie had potential but it looks like the editor fell asleep at the wheel because the plot just dragged out instead of delivering a suspenseful-thriller worthy of an $11 ticket. To sum it all up this movie had way to many cheesy last minute life-saving shots, the main family is clueless about life completely and the ending is nothing to write about…Literally!

This movie is: DVD Worthy at Best but most likely falls into the HBO Saturday Night Movie category.

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