HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Looked Real Thirsty For a Hit Show


Last night was the season 6 premiere of HBO’s mega hit series ‘True Blood’ entitled, “Who Are You, Really?” and it left a lot to be desired for an opener. Let’s dive into the “shoulda, coulda” of what happened and try to make sense of what went wrong. Lets start with the pace since it should have been much faster and more furious for the simple reason that every character’s been established already. The story-line needs to managed better, there’s way too much boring side plot and the cutting to random situations that never lead to anything, (Spoiler) like when Sam comes into the bar and runs into Lafayette, sorry but what was the point of this scene? The actors drown in dialogue which takes us out of the experience and actually makes the viewer care less about them. You can’t focus on dozens of characters when you’re in a short season that only consists of 10 episodes.


It’s hard to believe a show that once ruled Sunday night television and fueled thousands of Monday morning recaps, has completely drifted off course with sheer silliness. Since there’s fewer episodes this time around with almost a year between seasons and way to many plots to follow, I’m betting next season will be probably be the last.

True Blood Aires on HBO – Sunday Nights at 9:00PM EST.

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