Got To Be Glam With ‘BLASIAN’ Fashion!


I always bring  you the hottest curvy fashion when it come to full-figured clothing but this time I do it with a “Blasian” twist. As many of you might or might-not know I’m of Black and Asian decent so I recently joined this amazing group of friends on Facebook called the “Korean Black Club“. Well they started selling sexy summer tank-tops and I jumped at the chance to buy one!


Remember, self-expression mixed-in with a little style can go a long way, especially when your top says “Blasian Girls Rock!“. This shirt instantly caught my eye so I quickly grabbed my card and before I knew it checkout was complete. The quality is great and I love that it stretches comfortably even with the vibrantly placed, colored rhinestones.

These brilliantly crafted, well-made shirts come in women’s sizes ranging from ‘small‘ to ‘3X‘ and allow six different colors for a fantastic price of only $25. Pick-up your favorite t-top so you can stay extra cool this Summer.

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  • Susan Leftwich

    Did you post this in KBC? If so I must have missed it. You look great :)

  • Glamorsized

    Thank-You so much Susan and YES it’s posted with KBC…
    ♥ Much Love KBC and you made my day ♥

  • Craig D. Casimir

    nice… i want a blasian girl