Models, What Came First, the Portfolio or the Career?


Hello aspiring models, lately I’ve gotten a number of emails asking almost the same exact question “I’m interested in becoming a Plus-Size Model, how do I get started?”


I really do try to answer every single question but it can be overwhelming at times so I decided to put together a quick “Basic List” to getting started. One of the first things you’re going to want to do is research everything, ambitions aren’t enough anymore especially when you have thousands of models competing for the same slots.


Next, set up a professional photo-shoot with someone who has experience working with full-figured women as well as enhancements in post production. I’ll be very upfront on this topic, if you send grainy, blurry phone pic’s to any reputable organization, company, fashion show or magazine they won’t give you a second look, if they do they are not as reputable as they seem {Honest}. I stress this so much because I do want people to reach their dreams and goals, not to deter anyone but being honest is more important. Keep checking back because I’m going to give you the real dish on what to expect when it come to the plus size modeling industry.

Quick Recap: Don’t start contacting a single person until you have at least 3 professional portfolio grade looks to submit.

Michyl Collins enjoys blogging on topics close to the curvy lifestyle and has expanded her career by appearing on national TV, choreographing events, modeling in over 50 runway shows, magazine features and currently acts as COO for