WORLD WAR Z Has a Voracious Appetite!


Not sure many of you know this about me, I’m a mega-fan of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ but new episodes don’t start until October, so this past weekend I headed to the movies to catch Summer’s most anticipated zombie blockbuster…World War Z!


This rated PG-13 movie stars Brad Pitt as a retired U.N. employee living in Philadelphia with his wife and children when a massive extinction level pandemic breaks out around the world. Within the first five minutes, we see the situation go from family breakfast and smiles to all out chaos. The cause of the outbreak is never revealed but that’s okay, instead they focused on the human survival aspect which allows the movie to flow at a brisk pace. We follow Gerry’s team as they battle their way in and out of volatile situations in an attempt to try and locate ‘Patient Zero’ and create a cure.


I loved it! Plus, I thought the ending was really clever (sorry, no spoilers on this one). If you’re looking for an original, well thought-out, nail-biting action/horror flick that delivers, I recommend seeing WWZ.

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