Danielle DeFronzo: Aspiring Model With Beauty and a Plan in Hand


My name is Danielle DeFronzo, I’m an aspiring full-figured model looking to break into the industry and hopefully work with a lot of talented people along the way. I would say “Glam” to me is being able to embrace yourself, no matter what flaws you have and try to turn them into you signature look. It’s about having the ability to empower women just like you that may not always feel confident or beautiful because they are not a size 2. It’s not about your size, race or anything physical really… being glam is entirely about embracing the person you are. Remember, we only get one chance at life so make it a Glamorsized one!


Michyl Collins enjoys blogging on topics close to the curvy lifestyle and has expanded her career by appearing on national TV, choreographing events, modeling in over 50 runway shows, magazine features and currently acts as COO for Plusforus.com.