GOLF GLAM – My First Time at The Driving Range


That was a fantastic holiday weekend glam beauties but they always seem to go by so fast! I had so much fun and tried something completely new. As you know, I’m always trying to find new ways to stay healthy so I tried my hand at Golf. Okay, I heard this was a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind so I was excited to give it a shot.


When I arrived at the course it was windy and cold with a little overcast so I figured it would be empty for the most part…wrong! The place was packed even on a day like that which made me think there was more to this then I previously thought. After parking, I made my way up to the club house where you pay, rent or borrow clubs and get started playing. I only used one particular club, a “Driver” which is used for hitting the ball long distances. The club was light-weight and had a decent grip which allowed me to really explore different hitting techniques.

Lesson #1 – Golfing is not easy! I hit close to 130 balls over a 45 minute period and didn’t even begin to develop a decent swing until the last 20 or so. That’s right, your hand-grip is everything but once you get that down you are going to have the time of your life! Remember, stance, focus and grip are the most important factors for a good swing. I’m certainly not giving professional advice, just little tips that helped me.

Lesson #2 – It might not look like much, but you will use muscles you never knew you had. The days following my practice, I was sore beyond belief! This sport is the truth since you get a full-body workout, major stress relief plus, a quick intro to a fabulous sport.


This was a bold, new experience for me that I’ll continue to do for enjoyment as well as for fitness and I hope to see you there one day.

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  • J Larney

    Tee the ball higher and move the ball off of your left toe. IE: move the ball forward in your stance…Looking good though, can’t wait to get you out to my course..New clubs are on there way….Love dad