Kim Mitchell Carries Unique Glam Qualities


Glam in my eyes is a feeling verses a look. You can see a beautiful woman in beautiful clothing made up and accessorized; but if she doesn’t feel glamorous on the inside then she won’t reflect that on the outside. On the opposite side of the spectrum a woman can be at the gym, working out in sweats and a T shirt, hair in a ponytail and be confident enough to know she is amazing and glamorous. And guess what?  She will be, not just in her eyes but in the eyes of others. What we feel about ourselves reflects in our attitude and how we esteem ourselves. Glam is not in our clothes, not in our makeup, not even in our careers. That is why every pretty face cannot be a model. Modeling isn’t about being the prettiest or having the best body but instead having the confidence in yourself to project yourself enough to sell a brand (yourself) or a product. We all carry in us our own unique Glam qualities.  Some of us just have yet to pull it out.


My future goals in this industry, is to be a successful Print, Fit & Lifestyle model while ripping runway after runway. I intend on living a Glamorsized life!

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