Nicole Marie: My New View Is Inspiring


My name is Nicole Marie and I was born and raised in Providence RI. In January 2012 I tried out for my first show and embarked on a modeling dream that’s been with me for quite some time. This was a big moment for me since I’m so shy and didn’t know how to walk in heels. Three days before the casting I purchased a pair of heels from PayLess to practice and boy oh boy did I practiced hard! Casting day came and I was excited when it was announced that I had been picked. For me, the modeling ball started and has not stopped since.


As I look back about six to eight years ago, the thought of being a model was non-existent since I was 350+lbs, depressed and hated the sight of myself. I never really wanted to be noticed at all due to low self-esteem. I never wore makeup let alone heels. Wore black all the time, hated colors that would make me stand out because I was already big. In 2008 the doctor said “Nicole you are predispose to diabetes” and gave me some medication, plus, suggested I lose some weight. Fast forward to 2009 when my doctor then referred me to a weight-center at the same hospital I was working at.


It wasn’t until my first appointment that I realized my weight was out of control. When I got on the scale it revealed, 398 lbs. First thought that ran across mind was “how did this happen?” and my second thought was that I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus. Before I left the doctor’s office that day I scheduled a gastric bypass surgery. After beating myself down for several days, someone told me in order to change my situation I would first have to change my focus and then my way whole way of thinking. With a grueling 4 months to think about the surgery, I began preparing for a major lifestyle change. I took the advice and began slowly changing my mind, then stopped smoking cigarettes before the surgery. I think eating healthy and being active is the reason I’ve continued to be successful post op gastric bypass.


I have several friends that tried dieting, exercise and even gastric bypass surgery but just couldn’t make a go of it. Everyone falls from time to time, the trick is to never give up, keep preparing yourself mentally and focus on the long-term goal.


Now, I’m inspiring woman I’ve never met, who struggle with weight and depression. I teach others that change starts from within. “I refused to lose, changed minds and changed lives” I live by that motto to this very day. God has planted something inside me that I never knew existed, the amazing woman I am today did not exist years ago. I love who I am today because God has turned my life around faster than I could have ever imagined. With that said, today I feel Glamorsized!



Glamorsized would like to thank Nicole for sharing her experiences with so many people. Stories like this prove that dedication, positive thoughts and sheer will-power can help overcome even the most trying obstacles in life. #Inspiring

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